In the summer of 2009, a group of Bellevue residents and community leaders were inspired to travel to Berkeley, California to see the original Edible Schoolyard. Conceived by Alice Waters, a public policy advocate for school lunch reform and universal access to healthy, organic foods, the Edible Schoolyard is a one-acre organic garden and kitchen classroom at the Martin Luther King, Jr., Middle School in Berkeley. Teachers and Edible Schoolyard Educators collaborate to integrate the garden into the school’s curriculum, giving students the opportunity for hands-on learning. Students participate in growing, harvesting, and preparing meals with the plants they grow in the garden. Excited about what this could mean for our community, our founders brought back with them the idea of adopting the Edible Schoolyard concept in our local schools and with support from the Bellevue community, the Bellevue Edible Learning Lab (BELL Garden) was started.