BELL wins seed award for Slow Food Community Enrichment Grant

BELL Garden is pleased to announce being awarded a new seed award, and are honored to accept the seed award for Slow Food’s Community Enrichment Grant. The $250 award is going straight into the garden in the form of seed starting mix and greenhouse supplies that will nourish this seasons seedlings! We are so happy to be part of a community that is so supportive of our efforts and changing the whole Nashville food scene for the better, and we are also proud of the work Slow Food is doing internationally.

Slow Food is an international organization that specializes in promoting school and community gardens and supporting the local food movement. Their mission statement is:

Slow Food Middle Tennessee strives to facilitate accessible educational programs; provide awareness of and equal access to good, clean and fair foods; and advocate for a healthy, delicious, sustainable and diverse food system for the community of Middle Tennessee.  

Here is the Slow Food facebook:

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