Bell Garden Silver project update for Girl Scout Troop 833

Over the Thanksgiving weekend the Girl Scouts from Troop 833 added pine straw mulch to their project area. They wanted to soften the look of the area and were very pleased with the outcome.

Our lead Scout for the bench plan, Charity Cook, worked on a wooden bench design. She found many DIY plans on the internet and after weighing the pros and cons a final design decision was made. The girls came together on December 31, 2016 to build the bench. It came out perfect and they learned a lot while building the bench. Parent Volunteer, Eric Swartz served as our carpentry advisor and the bench was built in his workshop. It was rewarding to watch the girls initially and appropriately be concerned with using the power drill and tools, but by the end of the project the girls were quite comfortable with the drill and looked like pros as they drilled and screwed all the wooden pieces together.

The girls painted the bench a pretty shade of green on January 15, 2017 and we will transport the bench once we add one more coat of paint and can identify a vehicle to put it in.

Lead Scout for our plant design, Megan Mertes is researching the plant selection for the raised flower bed. We are working with Holly Ryerson, Horticulturist at Moore and Moore Garden who has offered us a discount on the plants. We are just waiting on the weather to cooperate before we plant.

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