Help support BELL Garden

There are many ways you can help support the garden, including volunteering and making a donation.

Come learn with us!

We have fun gardening days and educational opportunities going on throughout the growing season!

How does your garden grow?

Tips and techniques for getting the most out of your garden with recommendations from our staff horticulturalist.

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BELL Garden Girls Security Fund

GoFundMe-chicken-photoThe BELL Garden chicken coop area is in need of major repairs and renovations in order to secure the girls from any and all predators, human and otherwise! We would like to slightly enlarge the coop area, replace all the old, bent and broken fencing around and above the coop, install additional corner posts, replace the doors and install rodent deterrents around the base of the enclosure. All of this requires funds which we do not currently have available. So we are asking the community to once again come together to help keep our girls safe!

Please click here to check out our GoFundMe campaign and make a donation!

BELL Garden has a Mission…

Edible schoolyards teach gardening skills

Edible schoolyards teach gardening skills to both students and adults in fun way that promotes physical activity and good nutrition!

The BELL Garden exists to cultivate, guide, and encourage shared community values of healthy living and lifelong learning.  We support this mission by providing practical learning opportunities for residents of the community in a setting that promotes physical activity, healthy eating, environmental stewardship, and multi-cultural connections for all generations.

Current initiatives include classroom interaction & hands on lessons in the garden, community events, garden workdays, an after school garden program, and produce tastings. We are committed to sharing our harvest with the entire community, including those in need.

Click here to read more about BELL Garden’s Edible Schoolyard.